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"It's All about The Experience"


Chases Closet  was Established in 2018. Tameka  Smith-Cooper  Owner and CEO mission was and is to put the "excitement" back into shopping. If you seek "ordinary clothing" then Chases-Closet is not for you. WE specialize in jaw dropping eclectic pieces. Posh Lounge wear to Extravagant Pieces  fit for Fashion week we have all your High Fashion needs. Chases Closet is not your average boutique.,rather your personal Fashion Tribe.We believe you can have anything you want , as long as you dress for it! Shop The Bonus Collection T.Smith Shoe /Accessories Exclusively  Sold here! Don't forget  to hashtag your looks On Instagram /Facebook/ Twitter, We would love to see you . You Know the Vibe , We're your Fashion Tribe.


Welcome to Chases Closet 

Why Choose Us ?
We Are ⬇️

100% Reliable
100% Customer Service Friendly
100% Quality .
Chases Closet is a rapidly growing Brand . We focus on the holistic beauty and art of fashion. We do not just produce fashion .. WE ARE FASHION !

We provide Red Carpet Looks for Less . Our Couture Garments will leave you speechless.

What to Expect ⬇️

When Shopping at a Chases Closet location we want you to feel like the royalty you are. Occasional  greeted with complimentary Champagne 🥂 along with a  friendly & knowledgeable Fashion Consultant. We will assist you in curating any look your heart desires .
Online our customer service team will assist you from the second you click that purchase button until the moment you receive your order.
Friendly notes by name , birthday perks and VIP options . ( Exclusive Members)when you sign up for our email list.

Chases Closet is where we empower our women and where bonds are created via Fashion.

The Vibe ⬇️

Visiting us will make you feel like you are in your girlfriends closet listening to music sipping cocktails playing dress up preparing for a night out on the town.

Welcome to Our Humble Abode
It’s the Closet … Stay as long as you like🥂

Chases Closet